Revolution: Fortune Favours The Brave.

 HHey loves, I'm gonna show you my newest eyeshadow palette from Make Up Revolution | Fortune Favours The Brave. That is a name full...

 HHey loves, I'm gonna show you my newest eyeshadow palette from Make Up Revolution | Fortune Favours The Brave. That is a name full! I got it at for €14,95. As some may know, I  really want to own some Naked palettes, MAC products.. like the high make up brands that we see 24/7 on Instagram and Tumblr but again money is a big issue here so I just can't afford make up like that and sometimes I do get jealous of some, even younger people who have lots of them. Now you may think, than you have to work harder bla di bla but my friend, I wish I could but because of my personal shitty problems I just can't and of course I try to save money but I'm 23 I also need to save for my future and I still live at home so I pay for groceries too, also I got bills to pay haha but lets move on to this palette..

Glimmer | Buffer | Peachy | Hope | Fortune | Skylight | Transformer | Midnight Rainbow.
Ice Cloud | Golden Coins | Cashmere | Tip Top | Yes Please | Green Machine | Smoothie.
Caffeine Fix | Latte | Pink Diamond | Creme | Drama Queen | Lonely Planet | Blacqua.
Soft | New World | Flavour | Sunset Hour | Super Gold | Winning | Brave | The Revolution.

Look how pretty they are, I love the gold marble look! Normally I only wear nude/gold/brown eye shadow but when I saw this palette for that price I had to buy it and try out the blue/green ones! I need to experiment with other colours too. I won't use the eye shadow brush that they attached because in my opinion the hairs are too long on the brush and it kinda - okay the palette is cheap but - the brush feels cheaper haha I'm not feeling it maybe only for some crease shading but not like for applying it onto my eyelids. 

Here are some swatches of the colours I thought were the prettiest! 
I've tried the three blue eye shadows for the first time, I used Midnight Rainbow -Transformer & Skylight and I was pretty amazed by how it turned out! It looked good but when I touched my eyelid very softly because it was itchy I immediately saw that my finger wiped off some blue so I won't be touching my eyelids anymore :p.
And here is my look with the green eye shadows, I used Smoothie - Green Machine & Yes Please to create this look. I thought the blue and green colours would look very weird or clownish but they don't! I'm not sure if I would use green again, I really don't have clothing that match with it or something. I like the blue better for smokey eyes but only for 'special' days cause for me this is too much for daily wear. I don't know if I will ever touch the purple ones because purple is so not my colour haha but who knows .. for now I think I'm gonna stick with the gold/brown/rose gold/nude colours. 

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