Boozy Cosmetics Brush Set.

Hey loves, it's been a long time and I've said multiple times that I would be back soon but unfortunately it took a little bit...

Hey loves, it's been a long time and I've said multiple times that I would be back soon but unfortunately it took a little bit longer, that is because I have some personal problems and I really didn't feel like blogging I just had no energy for it but I do kinda have now and I really missed it so I will be blogging again but not as much as I used to, just taking baby steps! 

I'll be reviewing my newest brushes from Boozy Cosmetics, This is my very first brush set! I just used cheap brushes which I used for a long - long time and I really wanted to buy Zoeva brushes but, you know € .. It's just a lot of money. So when I saw these brushes I thought.. Oh well lets buy these ones! They were in sale from €50 or €60 for €30 I bought them at To be honest I don't even know this brand but I thought they looked really pretty and I looked up some reviews and the reviews were good so, why not?! Also I'm not a make up brush expert since I only used cheap ones so they had to be better than the ones I used compared to the price haha. It also comes with a cute brush bag :)

 From left to right:
1) Precision Powder | 2000. 2) Angled Contour | 4500. 3) Round Buffer | 1500. 4) Precision Contour | 4100. 5) Face Shaper | 4600. 6) Round Conceal Buffer | 1200. 7) Soft Blender | 6100. 8) Crease Shader | 5400. 9) Brow Liner | 8200. 10) Wing Liner | 7200.

I only used a brush for bronzer, high lighter brush, two eye shadow brushes and one for contouring my nose - before I had this set, so from only using five small brushes to ten -big- brushes is like wow, allot haha! But I can't use them all since I don't use powder make up, I don't use eyebrow powder and I don't use gel liner but I do can use the gel liner brush for eye shadow to create a soft eyeliner look! But maybe in the future I will try out some eyebrow powder! I do really need to buy me some face powder though .. what is a good powder? Any recommendations? 

Unfortunately there isn't a 'normal' eye shadow brush, only a crease shader and a soft blender so I have to use my old eye shadow brush. I also mis a high lighter brush that means I also have to use one of my old brushes too which is okay but I hoped they would add those in this set too. I just realized that they sell more sets haha. (Note: I ordered a High lighter brush / Basic eye shadow brush and Lip brush) My brush set will be complete. I also don't use blush so I'm okay with having no blush brush haha! 

The hairs of the brushes are very soft and the hairs are not too long in my opinion but hey I'm not a brush expert as I said earlier so I have no idea what the perfect brush looks/feels like. These brushes are synthetic, anti bacterial and hypoallergenic. I haven't washed them yet but once I do I will update this blog post, I was too excited to show you my new brushes first! I find them fine to work with, they look really pretty and they didn't cost that much :) Can't wait to use the other 3 brushes that I've ordered and add them to my set!

Note: I still have to experiment with my camera for better quality/shots. So I'm sorry if the pictures don't look perfect. 

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