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Hi! I've seen some people doing these kind of things, showing what products they use to wipe of their make up! So I thought, why no...

Hi! I've seen some people doing these kind of things, showing what products they use to wipe of their make up! So I thought, why not do that too? I don't really have a bad skin, I sometimes have some pimples specially on 'those' days but who doesn't? The only thing I have is that my face is dry, after showering it feels very tight and my cheeks become red but that's all. I also don't wear make up everyday so my skin breathes almost like 5 days a week lol but still than I use some cleansing wipes. Sooo I grabbed my products and started 'photographing' them to make this beauty post for you! 
First I wipe of my eye make up with cotton pads aaaand ofcourse I forgot to take a picture of the eye remover but I use Bye Bye, Eye Make Up milk & lotion from Hema. After I wiped off the eye make I use cleansing wipes for my face! I use different ones from Primark cause they are cheap haha I recently bought this one from Essence because I saw Lychee on it & I love Lychee. These wipes also are very shampoo'ish, like if they have some soap in it - I can't explain it very well but my other wipes don't have that and with these ones I actually feel like I'm cleaning my face. 
After using the cleansing wipes I'm using Dr. van der Hoog cleansing milk which you apply on your face with your fingertips than we go on to the Clarisonic, I'm using the Mia 2 which I got from my boyfriend for my birthday! I have the blue brush on it because that one is softer for my skin I use this for 1 minute than I wipe off the product with cotton pads and apply the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean lotion. I used the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser/Moisture Mask before this one but I was out of it and decided to go for something else since it was 'buy 2 pay 1' haha! 
This scrub smells so good and makes my face very soft! I really needed a scrub and when it was in sale with the cleansing milk I was like YES & tbh when I was looking for one I wanted to go for cheaper brands but in the local stores here, they don't really sell cheap srubs lol. I sometimes use this after I'm done with cleaning my face but I don't really use it twice a week as it says on the tube hahah I do it whenever I feel like it, is that bad?
Same for these masks, I use it whenever I feel like it :$. I also bought these 2 masks in sale! I love both of them cause they make my face feel soft. The clay mask really smells like chocolate omg whenever I apply it on my face I wanna eat it. The other one doesn't smell like cucumber but it's a good mask, I like these peel off masks and make scary faces while peeling it off hahah! I only use these products in the evening before I go to bed (whenever I feel like it).
I don't use this product from Yves Rocher after I'm done with cleaning my face BUT I use this before I apply my make up. It's a Body Lotion for dry skin but I use it on my face and if I don't use this before I apply foundation, you can see all those dry thingies on my face which is so ugly! I will soon make a post from the make up that I use :)! 

What do you use? And what product do you recommend me to try for dry skin?

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