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Hi guys, I've won  http://kairichangsekai.blogspot.nl/   Japan Candy Box Give Away  ( thank you! ) and wanted to share the sweet/sou...

Hi guys, I've won http://kairichangsekai.blogspot.nl/ Japan Candy Box Give Away ( thank you! ) and wanted to share the sweet/sour stuff with you since I've never done a 'tasting' review like this before and I was so excited about it to try them out because they don't sell Japanese candy here where I live & I never looked for it on the internet until I found out about Japan Candy Box through Tumblr which made me so happy, than I found out about the GIVE AWAY and joined it too & this time I really was lucky to win a box for myself! I've got the September box which included 9 candy items! Let's check out what I got! 


This one didn't smell like anything, it tasted like orange/mandarin. I don't really like orange candy but this one didn't had a very strong taste so it was pretty good & the package looks cute. I don't even know who Anpanman is though haha .. sorry :(  
This one also smells like nothing, it has a apple taste which was nice but it didn't last for long.
The package is also very small like those mini m&m's packages and there were only 4 pieces in it! They should make it bigger & add more of them in it cause they were good. I would like to try another flavor if they have it. 
My little niece said to me that this candy looks like butter haha it does smell and taste like pineapple, it's so chewy & delicious, I've had the Lychee ones before and those were good too! But I hoped there were more pieces of them cause they are that good!  
Popin' Cookin' time! I was so happy to see this in the box, I love to do these even though I can't read Japanese but I just checked out the images on the back side and made these 5 little pieces with my niece, they also were very easy to make and my niece had so much fun with it. They also smelled really sweet and they were reaaaalllly delicious! In my opinion they tasted better than the DIY Sushi kit. 

This melon cotton candy smelled so strong! It was very very very sour, it also gave me nose and throat pain because of the strong sour flavor & this didn't happen only to me but also my sister got this feeling while eating it. I really didn't like this one! But the package looks fun!
I have had a different one of these cotton candy 2 years ago in purple but I can't remember the taste of it but I am sure it wasn't that sour. 
These cola gummies are also very delicious, not too sour like the melon one. They smell good just like any other cola candies, nothing really special with these ones they also taste like Haribo.

These were so addicting omg, they smelled really nice ( duh chocolate & strawberry ) they tasted so good and sweet that I couldn't stop eating them oops. They also kind of have the same taste as these Yan Yan Hello Kitty sticks with that pink cream in it! I think I can eat a whole bag of these ones haha they also look very cute like a little pudding/pie or something. 
POOP! YUWK but this little poopy tasted really good! It didn't smell like anything and the taste also wasn't very strong. I only have no idea what kind of taste this lollipop had? But it was good! 

They smelled so bad o my god, when I opened the bottle I was like EW! But they tasted really good haha these candy balls reminded me of the lollipops I used to eat when I was little! The package also looks so cute, all these Japanese candy have super cute or fun packages what really gives me the urge to buy it, eat them & collect them hahah! 

Check out their website & subscribe to get a candy box each month with free shipping!

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