L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation.

Currently, these cushion foundations are getting a hype in Europe - in the Netherlands while in Asia it has been there for a couple of y...

Currently, these cushion foundations are getting a hype in Europe - in the Netherlands while in Asia it has been there for a couple of years? Even though I use many Asian beauty products I've never ordered one of their cushion foundations because I have a very dry skin & I also find it very hard to pick out the right color. But than I saw that L'oreal also came with these cushion foundations, I first saw it at Youtube reviewed by Kim Thai who used the Lumi Cushion which isn't sold here yet. But some weeks later I saw that Kruidvat sold the Nude Cushion which is a dewy glow foundation so I just wanted to give it a try for €18. I did my best to see which color would suit me and I bought the 07 in Golden Beige, still unsure if it was the right one but okay. 
I find it very easy to apply, easier than with the beauty blender but I don't know if that is just me haha when I'm in a hurry I just tap-tap and voila, done! The color turned out to be pretty good and it also doesn't make my skin very dry, of course I always use some face cream before applying any foundation but not every foundation turns out good on my face like Max Factor - which made my face even worse! Especially on the cheek area, my forehead & between my eyebrows are a problem. With the Max foundation I could scratch the dry flakes off my face yuwk. 

The Nude Cushion doesn't cover that well with one layer since I still can see some redness on my cheeks. I apply this foundation like 2 times especially on pimples and red spots but you can of course apply as much as you want but I, personally don't like the feeling of wearing like 5 layers foundation on my face, with my YSL foundation 1 layer is good enough to cover up the redness, but it's not a big deal for me. You can see it on the picture below that the redness is coming through the foundation. 
This cushion foundation doesn't feel heavy on my face and it looks very natural, with a natural glow very beautiful! I really wanted to have a foundation for daily use because I only use my YSL for special occasions since I don't have the money to buy expensive foundations every couple months haha. The only thing with these cushion foundations is that you can't see how 'full' it is like you see in a foundation bottle. It is only 14,6 gram but like how many times can you use it? I'm pretty happy with this one!

+ Natural effect
+ SPF 29
+ Not too heavy on the skin
+ Easy to apply
+ Applicator is washable
- Doesn't cover that well
- Is only 14,6 gram
- You don't know how many times you can use it
- Not available in many colors 

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